About The Artist

Since 1999, Christine Head has been contributing to rescue organizations by creating original art posters such as, Pugtini, Pitini, Golden Cabernet, Break the Chains, and the former Michael Vick dogs series. 

These sought-after, limited edition prints and posters have helped numerous rescues raise awareness as well as much-needed funds for animal rescue.

Many of these prints are still available, and the artist has signed each before printing.  

"The Puppy Sketches" is continuously evolving, most recently to instruct in the beauty of art and animal, to students. "Children are born artists, and my goal as an art teacher is to get them to take notice and appreciate the art in the details of everyday life. Whether it is seeing a face in some woodgrain, a scribble seems to be dancing, or horses running in the clouds... these tiny discoveries generate more happiness as we go about our day."